Flying: ICM Midterm

UPDATE: Lagging issue has been fixed with the reduction of the camera caption size. (zip link)

I wanted to create an application that allows us to feel as if we are flying — using our physical bodies. And I wanted to allow the user to perform a “swimming” motion to thrust them forward in this environment. However, I couldn’t find a hand detector — or a comparable substitute — so I settled on face detection. (ZIP file | Sketch)

The biggest problems with face detection is that it uses too much memory, which causes the sketch to lag — a lot. I need to find a solution to this problem.

To demonstrate how I want it to run, I created another version using MouseX and MouseY. This does not have the same lagging issues. (Link)

Right now, the face is used to control the speed at which the user is “flying.” The closer the user is to the webcam, the faster the user flies.

The sketch starts out with a dark sky, with sunlight brimming over the horizon. The user can fly to the horizon, which makes the sky white.

I don’t want this to necessarily be a game. Instead, I want it to be a relaxing experience for the user — something that feels good to do. This sketch was inspired, in part, by Microsoft Flight Simulator and a Flash game called Fly Guy. While both games can be relaxing — and fun — I think the ability to “swim” through the sky would make the user experience even more pleasurable.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, especially on how the webcam can detect motion without eating up so much RAM.

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