Channels – Take 2

We presented “Channels” to our classes and, for the most part, it was successful. One of the flex sensors broke in the process, so we have to fix it for the Winter Show. Also, there are some coding issues we need to fix, as well. Here’s video of our installation:

To see it working was, for me, incredible. The very original idea for this project came to me in a dream. My girlfriend was in Africa and we always talked about “getting away” to a magical place where we could spend time together. She called it Bhutan — her dream destination. But I had a different idea in my head, which was manifested during a REM cycle. When I woke up, I had the idea for an ICM project. I wanted to create a program which allowed users to wade through an environment — except that wading action would allow the user to fly. However, I couldn’t get the camera to work properly, so it ended up using face detection, and the speed was controlled by how close the user was to the camera.

The second iteration of this project came when I was brainstorming for my pcomp final. I wanted a more natural physical interaction for movement — and I’d used water before — so I conceived of the idea to “row” through and environment.

I’ve compiled the documentation for all those steps below:

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