Designing a webpage

I’m apparently anal — and specific — about my website designs. Because when it came time to redesign my blog or personal website, I balked; I liked them the way they are. First, a little justification: I worked in online media for a while, and the people visiting my website had seen every bell and whistle there […]

Animation: “Day Shift”

Here are five points about the animation: 1. After Effects is amazing. Creating an user-friendly interface for animation had to be incredibly difficult. But after just 30 minutes of using it, I was able to do what I wanted with the program. Of course, there are little tricks and tools I’m still not familiar with. […]

Film: “The Aperture”

There was a moment during production when I wondered why we were doing this. My kitchen was in shambles. Small jars of paint were scattered on the countertop; bacon grease was slathered on the stove. It all seemed a bit much for five-minute film, which we were doing for an intro course. During these reflective […]

Film shoot, with trailer

We filmed the footage for our film this weekend. Here’s a quick trailer for our movie.



Our group met in my apartment to think of a narrative we could illustrate with video as the medium. Now, it’s important to word it this way because I feel people at ITP often get lost in the technology, and forget the magic that narrative can bring. That said, we thought of several ideas — […]

Audio: Super Boy

For our audio piece, we recorded a little kid talking about his life. Then we recorded voice-overs of a news broadcaster interviewing the kid. The way the questions are asked, the kid is a — um — super hero. We used Audacity, which is very powerful — but incredibly frustrating to use. The controls are […]

McLuhan’s an egg

There have surely been hundreds of harsh critiques of Marshall McLuhan’s “Understand Media,” but I think it all comes down to something he wrote early on in the book: “Instead of asking which came first, the chicken or the egg, it suddenly seemed that a chicken was an egg’s idea for getting more eggs.” The […]

Borrowing, stealing and violating

A few years ago, I was a reporter in Kansas City, and one of the first stories I covered was a highway accident. A city worker, father of two, was hit by a semi truck while installing street lights on the side of the road. He died at the scene. I showed up shortly thereafter, […]

Stop Motion: Paper Mode

Our stop motion was an attempt to create a new Gmail theme called “Paper Mode.” We created the Gmail interface using paper, and then created a brief narrative using these pieces. The paper cutting took a surprisingly long time — it required us to focus on every detail of Gmail’s interface. And in doing so, […]

Comic: The Hat

Comic: The Hat

Finding a narrative for our comic was quite difficult. First, we brainstormed ideas by looking at famous comics. Then we looked at different methods we could employ, feeding off of Scott McCloud’s book. When that failed, we went to the park to find things that might inspire a story. But it wasn’t until Jamie and […]