Collective Storytelling

Smiling Statues

Smiling Statues was a project in which I made 91 smiling statuettes and distributed them around New York City (and elsewhere). Each Smiler had a note attached to it, which asked the finder to tell me how they found it and to tell me the Smiler was safe. I asked people to submit a photo […]

Smiling Statues [Collective Storytelling Final]

Smiling Statues [Collective Storytelling Final]

UPDATE: I’ve created all the statues — 91 total — and I’ve created a website and an e-mail address. It took quite a bit of time to make each one, since they are individually molded and painted. I tried to use colorful paints to make them stand out on the street. Also, it was interesting […]

FWD:FWD [Collective Storytelling]

I’ve always struggled with getting networks of people to tell their stories. As a reporter, I got pretty good at getting people to tell their stories in an intimate setting. But when I asked someone else to tell their story — or asked someone else to help me tell a story — it often failed. […]

History of 721 Broadway

EDIT: I had a second impressions after thinking for a few more days. Storytelling experiences can be categorized by the constraints placed upon them. Let me explain: 1. Oral tradition: If I tell the story of 721 Broadway in class, the only way to experience it is by having been in the right place, at […]

Willie Cole

I interviewed a musician for my audio piece. Don’t wanna ruin anything, so take a listen. Willie Cole by alvinschang Afterward, visit his website here.

Hourly Comic

Hourly Comic

I thought performing a day of the Hourly Comic wouldn’t be quite the same since I wouldn’t be doing it on the same day as the people on the actual website. I thought that was a huge part of the collectivity: the idea that everyone else is also doing the same thing, and that it […]

[Collective Storytelling] Fans as artists

As a writer, I feel like I always enjoy a sense of superiority over my readers. Of course, it’s completely undeserved — but, even in the internet age, the original creator of content is the one with power. So I was pleasantly surprised when I read these passages on fandom, where fans become artists themselves. […]

Two Forms of Writing

I selected the and 25-word hint fiction formats. I’ve written a lot of pieces between 300 and 800 words, so it felt familiar to me. I take a specific narrative, and find a few more relatable narratives to support the main one. And then, as described in “Cambridge Introduction to Narrative,” I try to […]