Hi, I'm Alvin Chang.
I write, design and code stories.
I'm Alvin Chang
I write, design and code stories

Hi! So you've come to find out a bit about me.

I'm a journalist. I use pixels and words to tell stories. Often, this means I'm digging through data to answer questions from a bird's-eye view. Other times, this means talking to a lot of people. I like both.

I'm the senior data editor at the Connecticut Mirror and TrendCT. Before this, I was a data visualization developer at the Boston Globe. I've been an NHL writer for ESPN, which means I can tell you how to find good 18-year-old hockey players. I've also done stuff for the New York Observer, The New York Daily News, The Boston Globe Magazine and The Kansas City Star. I co-founded The Listserve, which you should join since people here, here and here really like it.

I have a master's degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program. I live in Brooklyn. Sometimes I publish poetry and short stories on the internet.

E-mail alvinschang@gmail.com
Twitter @alv9n
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